Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Loop From Hartley Avenue, by the Young People from Rice Lane City Farm

As a result of their first workshop with the project, the lads at Rice Lane City Farm created this film about the places that you can easily get to from the Hartley Avenue entry/exit point of the Liverpool Loop Line.

Using a hula hoop to represent the area and added images of the different places people might want to go, the people that might go there and some of the things that they might do there.

They then filmed it using an a toy train on the hula-hoop as a steady-cam, adding their own commentary.

After talking with the group, they have decided that they would like to look at computer game design, for the rest of the project instead of animation. So Next week we will be setting them the task of imagining what the Loop Line would play like, if it were a computer game.

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