Wednesday, 16 September 2009

How To Play: The Loop Game

The Loop Game 1.0
How To Play: Instructions


Now if you doubleclick on the file 'the_loop_version_one.sltng' the game should open up in Starlogo TNG

• There are two windows in Starlogo TNG, Hilight the window called 'Spaceland' by clicking on it.
• Click on the circle with a plus sign in it in the top left hand corner of the SpaceLand window to make it go full screen

At the bottom of the SpaceLand window you will see some buttons.

Setup Game = Click this to get the game ready to play
Play Game = Click this once, it should glow, & then click on the screen with your mouse to start the game!

The aim is to get as much people onto the loop line as possible using your 'Arsenal of Stories'.
The coke cans are worth 10 bits of energy, the carrots are worth 15 bits of energy and the knives take away 20 bits of energy

In order to move you must use the directional buttons if you cannot find them look closer down at the bottom of the keyboard and you should see a bunch of arrows on four of the keys.

While playing press the 'M' button to look through the eyes and when you have enough stories press the 'space bar' to shoot stories back at people and they split into to two.

In order to get the camera back to normal just press the 'N' button to get it back to normal view and to get the view to aerial just press the 'B' button to get the camera to the aerial view.

Here is a screen shot of the code blocks that tell your character what to do. You can find the code blocks for the whole game in the StarlogoBlocks window, why not try one of the tutorials that comes with Starlogo TNG in the support folder, or watch one of the videos, and get started making your own games.


My current high score is 13.
Can you beat it?
In order to get a high score you must collect stories from the other characters and then get more people onto the loop line as possible.

Watch OUT for!!!
Look out for the Joker ******* who removes the people from the loop line but can also kill your character.

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